Discover the amazing easy & convenient alternative to get toilet papers without leaving the house. Zero Delivery Charges!

Have you ever been doing your business with your pants hugging your ankles…just when you are ready to “get wipy” you notice you’re out of toilet paper!

Don’t get royal with me …you know exactly what I’m talking about. In this situation you’ve really got two prayer points:

  • Let there be someone at home to hear your “cry for help” and give you fresh toilet papers or 
  • pray there’s a supply of toilet paper in the house to finish your business 

Nearly everyone has had this experience…it is not an experience you want to relive often.

That’s why we created istock supplies.

Istock Supplies is a brain child of Vichaez Integrated Enterprise, makers of Victoria toilet paper, Nigeria’s first medium sized N100 (one hundred naira) toilet paper.Vichaez has been in the production,marketing and distribution of :

  • High quality
  • Absorbent
  • Hygienic 
  • Innovative and 
  • Affordable  

toilet paper rolls in Imo State and beyond for over 4 years now.

Istock Supplies was created so you: 

  • Don’t run out of toilet papers unexpectedly and it becomes an emergency for you. 
  • Save more money and time. Which means you get supplied at pocket friendlier prices from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Save fuel and avoid the stress of driving through town, exposing yourself to traffic “wahala” and risks because you want to visit the supermarket to restock. We’ll help you avoid the long queues in the supermarkets and keep you home,safe from traffic.
  •  Get saved the embarrassment of your friends thinking “oh! maybe THEY wipe with  water!” when they visit and you’re out of stock of toilet papers.
  • don’t have to settle for cheaper toilet paper brands around that are unworthy of your class.Exposing your family to the risks of low quality cheap brands. 
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Who Is This For?

While toilet paper arguably seems to be in shops  everywhere…however,being everywhere is NOT a guarantee you would NOT run out of toilet paper when you most NEED IT.

If you are a family of six or more persons and are tired of being told very often “toilet paper has finished”.

If you desire to join the growing number of smart shoppers who are taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping to take care of their inventory… hassle free.

If you don’t want to drive to the mall just to restock on high quality toilet paper or don’t want to run the risk of buying “any available” toilet paper down the street often

Then you need the smart and convenient online toilet paper shopping and home delivery solution that istock supplies provides.

Istock supplies provides you with the smart alternative of ordering high quality toilet paper rolls online and have them home delivered at your doorsteps in 12 hours or less!

With istock supplies You:

  • don’t run out of toilet paper rolls again which means you never have to face the embarrassment of “gunning” for toilet paper before friends and family making you look unorganised and irresponsible.
  • won’t have to face the inconvenience of driving to town just to restock on toilet paper rolls which means you get to save your time and “energies” for fun things at home with your loved ones and avoid risks and uncertainties on your way to the mall.
  • get a constant supply of high quality toilet paper rolls that suits your family’s budget and hygienic needs.
  • get your order delivered at your doorsteps in 12 hours or less!…all from the comfort of your home or office.
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How It Works

Istock supplies delivers high quality medium and premium sized toilet paper rolls to your doorsteps at home or at your office.

All you need to get started in enjoying a never-out-of stock year of toilet paper rolls is to invest a little in your convenience by subscribing to istock supplies online.

Subscription Model:


Which is the monthly plan for:

3 Month

Which offers a 3 months subscription plan for:

6 Month

Which offers a 6 months subscription plan for:

For each subscription model you chose and pay for,  you’ll receive a confirmation text message from us with your tracking number.

Afterwards, our Istock Value Agent will call you to confirm your order and schedule when you would want your order delivered. Afterwards, we’ll deliver your order within 12hours or less!

What's My Investment?



/ Month

Which is the monthly plan for:



/ 3 Month

Which offers a 3 months subscription plan for:



/ 6 Month

Which offers a 6 months subscription plan for:

To start enjoying the convenience of having your toilet paper rolls delivered at home click the  Get Startedbutton NOW and get our LIMITED never-run-out-of toilet paper DEAL of the day before we pull it down.

 Here’s the deal…

Get Started today and get:

  • Our on boarding package for the first 500 subscribers
  • 2% discount on your first order
  • Our monthly “Smart home” webinar for parents
What happens if I don’t get the right product delivered?

If after you’ve  received your order and you’re not happy with our product:  here’s my

Rip-Me-Off Guarantee to you...
istock 100% Money Back

“return the whole pack of toilet paper roll you subscribed for and get a full refund of your money without any hassles”. All you need to do is send us an account number to credit.

Who This Is NOT For?
  • If you wipe your bum with water. 
  • If you’re run a kiosk or run a small shop.
  • If you live at the outskirts of Owerri. 
  • If you live outside of Imo State.
Most Subscribers Always Asked These Questions Before Placing their first order:
What if my order doesn’t get delivered?

Your order would be delivered within 12 hours of your payment’s confirmation and chat with our istock Value Agent.

What if I get sub-standard product delivered to me?

We’ll supply you high quality toilet paper rolls that meet the product’s description here. However, if you’re not satisfied with your order we have a rock solid Rip-Me-Off Guarantee that protects your investment with us and allows you to send back the order at no extra cost to you and get a full refund of your money without any hassles.

What if I want to cancel my subscription after enrolling?

If you’ve enrolled in istock supplies without your order being delivered and you want to cancel, you’ll get a full refund of your money before the end of work hours the same day.

Just shoot a mail on and await your credit alert.

How Am I Sure Your Prices Are Not Higher?

Our prices are quite competitive and affordable; we have one of the best prices out there. Plus you get to enjoy our on boarding gift and a 2% discount on your first subscription that further drives down the prices and puts more money in your pocket…helping you save more.

We also absorb the Paystack service charges for you…so you don’t pay more in dealing with us.

Go easy on yourself, Get Started today and allow us do the running around for you and get your toilet paper delivered at your home or office in 12hours or less with no extra delivery cost attached… and have time to plan for your next shopping without it being an emergency.

To get more information, send an e-mail to or call us on 07065582882 to speak to our Istock Supplies Value Agent.

We’d be glad to answer your questions.


…what would you rather do:drive to the mall or CLICK to have your toilet paper rolls delivered to your doorsteps…same price, same quality at ZERO delivery charge? 

Winner toilet paper is soft and it doesn’t give off dust particles. It is wonderful!
I have used Winner tissue. It is soft, tender on the skin. I recommend it for every household.
Ubani Chioma
Old Road Nekede
The Winner tissue is effective in cleaning fluids with amazing comfort.
Tony Izunobi
Managing Director Millenium Collections & Designs Ltd 118 Wethral Road Owerri
This is 8/10 by rating. The very best quality toilet paper one can use in the family, without having to spend big amounts. It is surprisingly even nicer than many mainstream brands in Nigeria. It is soft and not scratchy, and quite quite nice! I recommend every home to use it, very affordable and lasts for a while.
Catherine A
IMSU Oweri
I have used this product. It’s nice. I go on to recommend it for my friends and also for my co-workers where I work.
Lakenwaebere Street Aladinma
Winner toilet paper is very good.I have been using it and I find it very good. It is soft and neat, very comfortable on the skin. I recommend it to every family.
Lady Uzoebere Anyanwu (KSJ)
Lakenwaebere Street Aladinma
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