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Discover the amazing easy & convenient alternative to get toilet papers without leaving the house. Zero Delivery Charges!


Mum and Dad. Are you tired of being told very often “toilet paper has finished”?

Do you want to take charge of your toiletries inventory the smart and convenient way, without giving room for spur-of-the moment surprises or emergency shopping?

Do you desire to strike out toilet paper permanently on your shopping list and give room for other items?

I’m Emeka, Uzowihe.

The founder of istocksupplies.com…your reliable smart and convenient online toilet paper home delivery business.

I’ve always believed in proffering creative solutions to lifestyle challenges. This led my team to design and launch an online subscription model for toilet paper home delivery. That allows you order high quality toilet papers from the comfort of your home or office and have them home delivered at no extra delivery charge to you, at pocket friendlier prices. 

I’ve been in the marketing and sales of toilet paper rolls for the past five years.

I am married with four kids…so I know how important toilet paper can be in a home.

And how frustrating it can be when it suddenly runs out…and you’re told “toilet paper is finished” 

I founded istocksupplies.com for your comfort and convenience so:

  • you don’t have to feel the embarrassment of running out of toilet paper when you MOST need it.
  • You don’t have to settle for “anyhow” toilet paper you can lay your hands on at the kiosks exposing your family to low quality brands
  • You can relax with your family members and enjoy your favourite TV show without running off to town just to re-stock on toilet paper and sundry
  • You can save more money-yes!

you take delivery of high quality toilet paper rolls at a lower cost than you would buying from the supermarkets…you’re about to find out how.

Istocksupplies.com is a subsidiary of Vichaez Integrated Enterprise, the producers of high quality, hygienic and innovative toilet paper rolls. Vichaez Integrated enterprise are the makers of: 

  • Victoria toilet paper [medium and premium rolls] and 
  • Winner toilet paper rolls [medium and premium rolls

We have been in the marketing and distribution of high quality toilet paper rolls in Imo State,using her robust distribution network for the past five years. 

Istocksupplies.com would ride on the backbones of this already established toilet paper distribution network to deliver high quality medium and premium toilet paper rolls to your doorsteps fast and at a reduced cost to you with no delivery charges.

How It All Started.

Sometime last year, I made a Google search for “movies for entrepreneurs on Netflix”.

Out of many search results, I settled for the movie UPSTARTS.

The key take away for me from this movie was the creation of an application (App) by three friends that was used to deliver medicine to the rural parts of India.

Then it struck me!

…I can also develop an app or an online delivery business model to deliver toilet paper rolls at a lower cost to homes.

This epiphany led to the conception and development of istocksupplies.com.

How It Works

Istocksupplies.com runs on a subscription business model. It was designed to allow you order high quality toilet paper rolls online just by the click of a button. And have them delivered to your doorsteps in less than 12 hours, right from the comfort of your home or office.

All you need to start enjoying a never-out –of-stock year of toilet paper rolls is to invest a little in your COMFORT and CONVENIENCE by subscribing online to istock supplies today.

You choose between:

For each subscription model you choose and pay for,we’ll confirm your order. And our Istock Value Agent will call you to schedule when you want your order delivered in 12hours or less!

It’s that simple!

So,what would you rather do:drive to the mall or click to get high quality toilet paper rolls delivered to your doorsteps at the same price without delivery charges in 12 hours or less?

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